A Brick Balloon?

Will a brick balloon fly? I'm talking about a hot air balloon. Can you build a "balloon" using bricks and expect it to fly? Brick balloon is a contradiction in terms. That's exactly the same as saying I'm good enough to get into heaven. God will forgive me. I'm certainly better than that guy over there. I've never murdered anybody. I'll be in heaven. You've just build yourself a brick balllon.

God's standard is perfection. In Matthew 5 Jesus clarifies that standard. For example, if you have been angry at someone, you have murdered them in your heart. Jesus calls anger, such as calling someome a fool, murder. Have you done that? Here's another one. Have you ever told a lie? That would make you a liar. And a third: have you ever taken something that belongs to somebody else? That's stealing.

Bad News: You are a lawbreaker. You've broken God's laws. It's simple. If you do the crime, you have to pay the time.

The Good News!

Jesus Christ has done your time already. He has paid the penalty you've erarned for breaking God's laws. Paid it in full. If you accept this free gift... meaning if you believe it is true, then repent (turn away from breaking God's laws), putting your trust in Jesus alone to save you from God's punishment for breaking God's law.

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